What we believe as international Church in Vienna


There is ONE TRUE GOD, Creator of everything, who has revealed Himself as FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT—three yet One.

GOD IS GOOD always, and His love, grace, mercy and faithfulness are never-ending.

The BIBLE is the only authoritative, infallible and inspired WORD OF GOD.

SALVATION is through FAITH in Jesus Christ alone.

We are CREATED IN GOD'S IMAGE, forgiven and made new through Jesus’ death and resurrection, and we REIGN WITH CHRIST as heirs of His promises, no longer sinners but SAINTS.

The GIFTS AND POWER of the Holy Spirit are available to us today, for the building up of the church and as a DEMONSTRATION OF THE LOVE OF GOD to the world.

The promises and covenants God made with His people, ISRAEL, still stand today, being fulfilled through Jesus, who now provides ACCESS TO GOD for both Jew and Gentile.

We are the LIVING EPISTLES of Christ, letters written by the Holy Spirit, through which the world can come to know Him.